︎Xen Nhà︎︎

documentary maker + artist


︎Fly in Power

︎disorganising Workbook

︎In Living Memory 


︎flutters through skin





visiting rites, I take off my shoes before I enter

Sound work – Unheard Relations – Liquid Architecture x McLelland Sculpture Park + Gallery

            My work for Unheard Relations explores the resonance and traces of grief around language. Where grief, just like language, becomes a door. At this door, I take off my shoes before I enter

Unheard Relations was commissioned for Liquid Architecture and McLelland Sculpture Park + Gallery. Featured artists included Amy Hanley, Thembi Soddell, Tina Stefanou and Xen Nhà. Curated by Joel Stern. 

photo by Mitchell Pelns-Ross

            During my time at McClelland I became friends with the local magpies. I learnt about their ways of being, singing and relating. There were many similarities between speaking with magpies and speaking Vietnamese: both are like fragments of lullabies, openings of a karaoke song and proverbial poems. A variation in tone changes a meaning completely. I do not attempt to grasp, but instead, gently untangle how language can create connections across multiple places at the same time.