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disorganising Workbook

Bus Projects, West Space and Liquid Architecture

             In February 2021 I worked as an Editor for disorganising, a project between Bus Projects, West Space and Liquid Architecture. A promise was made between these three organisations to inquire, ‘What would it mean, at a moment of precarity, to become institutionally inseparable?’

These three organisations brought on myself and Producer, Lana Nguyen as parasites for the project. Over the course of a year we brought on 20 collaborators to explore practice-led structural change. One of the ideas of disorganising was the award-winning Workbook – a book that reveals the mess of disorganising and shares some of the thoughts and ideas that have informed disorganising.  In 2022, the Workbook jointly won the award for Best Independant Book Design from the Australian Book Design Association.  

This messy publication features disorganising collaborators including:

Timmah Ball, Public Assembly, Yasbelle Kerkow, Maddee Clark, Torika Bolatagici, Jacina Leong, Tiyan Baker, Madeline Collie (Food Art Research Network) x Meenakshi Thirukode (School of Instituting Otherwise), Michelle Nguyen, Ari Tampubolon, 3CR Thursday Breakfast, Cher Tan, and Nina M Gibbes.

Scans courtesy of Zenobia Ahmed


Editor: Xen Nhà
Producer: Lana Nguyen
Copy-Editor: Sarah Gory
Designed by Zenobia Ahmed and Alex Margetic
Publishers: West Space, Bus Projects and Liquid Architecture

To enquire about picking up a copy of the disorganising Workbook please email hi@disorganising.co. Visit the disorganising website to learn more about the project.